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JMA-3300 Series 10.4' LCD Color Marine Radar for Non-IMO vessels


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The JMA-3300 series radar incorporates the latest digital signal processing for exellent target identification and detection in a compact design.

JMA-3300-series models available:

(scanner's rotation speed 16-27 rpm)

  • JMA-3314 - 4kW radar, 2ft radome
  • JMA-3316 - 6kW radar, 3.9ft scanner
  • JMA-3340 - 4 - 10kW radar, 4ft scanner
  • JMA-3340 - 6 - 10kW radar, 6ft scanner

For High Speed crafts also available:

(scanner's rotation speed 27-48 rpm)

  • JMA-3316-HS - 6kW radar, 3.9ft scanner
  • JMA-3340-4HS - 10kW radar, 4ft scanner
  • JMA-3340-6HS - 10kW radar, 6ft scanner


  • 10.4 inch ultra bright LCD
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) makes the small radar very powerful
  • Ability to display 50 AIS targets and 10 MARPA+ as standard
  • Semi-ConstaView features available
  • The function keys for one touch access to GAIN, SEA and RAIN
  • USB for updating with the latest software
  • Trails for other ship's movement and speed monitoring

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